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Pécs Workshop 1968–1980

Mama Said Knock You Out

The PÉCS WORKSHOP was composed of Tamás Aknai, Ferenc Ficzek, Károly Halász, Károly Kismányoki, Sándor Pinczehely, Lajos Szelényi and Kálmán Szíjártó, all members of the Studio of Applied Arts of Pécs, led by Ferenc Lantos. The group considered the activity of the Bauhaus movement as exemplary, especially in its technical approach. Apart from the Hungarian artists from Pécs who were members of the Bauhaus school (Farkas Molnár and Alfréd Forbáth), they were also influenced by the art of Jenő Gábor, Ferenc Martyn and Lajos Kassák.

The PÉCS WORKSHOP was aware of the development of the newest artistic movements in Europe and in Hungary, but always remained close to the traditions of Pécs. Beside printmaking, painting and photography, the group also used applied art techniques. In the beginning of the 1970’s, the artists worked intensively with the enamel factory of Bonyhád, taking part in the Enamel art symposium created there in 1968, and were also active in the field of graphic design. They also developed an interest for new means of expression, especially land art, and the conceptual approach was clearly identifiable in the practice of Sándor Pinczehelyi and Károly Halász. The group dedicated its energies to the renewal of constructive and avant-garde traditions of Hungarian art, and following the directions of Ferenc Lantos, worked on providing a base for a new visual language, a new visual culture. At the turn of the 1980’s and in parallel with the first waves of New Subjectivity, the unity of the group fell apart with the respective centres of interest of the members starting to differ.

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Eröffnung 22.9.2016, 18:00
mit DJ Meier-Lansky and Hungarian Food & Wine
Ausstellung 23.9.–15.10.2016
Ort Baumgasse 42/7, 1030 Wien
Kuratiert von Amir Shariat |

abc Gallery, Budapes
viennacontemporary 2016